Director Sandwiched b/w Hero & Producer

By - February 15, 2016 - 10:16 PM IST

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In any creative field there is every chance of having different set of opinions among the core unit. However when it comes between the main crew makes the situation worse.

The same thing is happening to the team of Krishnashtami movie! According to the recent speculations, the creative differences mounted between Sunil-Vasu Varma (director), Sunil-Dil Raju (producer) Varma and Dil Raju-Vasu Varma.

We also have reports that Dil Raju took the charge and trimmed the run time of the film from 2hrs 34mnts to 2hrs 14mnts. After that director Vasu Varma & hero Sunil also came up with their versions of final copy.

Now the tension triggers in the unit and everyone is waiting crucially about which versions comes out to theaters. So along with the unit, we also have to wait for 19th of February to see the actual version of Krishnashtami.

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