Reason behind Attack on Superstar's Car

By - February 15, 2016 - 11:10 AM IST

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Bollywood’s brilliant Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan has been in trouble for some reason or other these days. While the actor made some shocking comments about growing intolerance in India, he became a firsthand target for many activists who condemned his words. Then his film Dilwale bombed at Box Office despite stunning star cast and great expectations.

Recently, the actor was given summons by the municipal court to demolish a ramp near his house which violates the government policies. Just when the actor is struggling to cope up with all such issues, here is another shocking incident which happened in Ahmedabad, Gujarat! Some unknown goons attacked SRK’s car by pelting stones on Saturday early morning in Ahmedabad. This led to lot of tension for the star’s fans but luckily, it was confirmed later that the actor wasn’t in the car and perfectly safe.

SRK headed to Ahmedabad to join the shooting schedule for his upcoming film Raees. Speaking on this incident, the actor said he wouldn’t speak about political issues from now on because it is severely impacting his film’s result.

This is indeed a clever move by SRK to stay away from controversies!

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