Most Creative Valentine Day Pic By Heroine

By - February 15, 2016 - 10:21 AM IST

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When you are in love with someone you always look for those special idea to impress your loved one and creativity is always at its best. But when the Valentine’s Day comes, you want it to be extra special. This day is also being used by the film celebrities for their promotion.

As part of that, many actors and actresses tend to come up with some interesting pictures. But this time, one starlet came up with a rather innovative and creative valentine day picture. She is none other than the hot and sexy Sushma Raj.

Sushma is seen sporting a red outfit which is quite common on Valentine’s eve but the thing that caught the attention is her hairstyle. The twirls of her hair have been shaped into love symbols and Sushma is seen relaxed in trance while her mane creates a lot of mania. This is a creative one indeed.

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