Varun Tej In Machine Gun Mode

By - February 23, 2016 - 10:40 AM IST

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What happens when you fire a machine gun? A volley of bullets will come rushing out of the barrel and hit the target. Based on the magazine’s capacity, the gun fires. Now, the way mega prince Varun Tej is progressing is reminding all of a machine gun.

Once you press the trigger bullets come out and in a similar manner, Varun Tej is on a signing spree of films and that too with noted names. It is already known that Varun is going to do a film with debutante director Venky Atluri.

This is titled as Feel My Love and now there is news that he has given a formal approval for another project with the big director Sreenu Vaitla. There are also reports that both projects will have shootings simultaneously. This is a machine gun pace from Varun.

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