JK Bharavi's 'Viswambhara' Audio Treat

By - February 25, 2016 - 05:56 PM IST

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Most of us have good knowledge on the cinema industry and what are its ingredients but very few among us know about the literature of our Telugu stalwarts and their contributions. One such work is Viswambhara which is penned by the legendary Dr C Narayana Reddy.

Many say it is this work which also influenced in Dr Narayana Reddy getting the Jnanpith award. It is a book which has a long free verse poem. So far, it has been in a book format but now another format might emerge soon. The credit for that goes to one and only JK Bharavi.

He is yet another intellectual of Tollywood who has done some great works in Telugu historical and literary movies. Reports say JK Bharavi has read this with the right modulation and voice and now he wants to release it as an audio book. He wants to do this as a tribute to Dr Narayana Reddy. This will be a treat for the literary lovers.

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