Brahmaji's Interesting Role As Bhadrachalam

By - February 26, 2016 - 12:22 PM IST

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There is an abundance of talent in Tollywood and the quantity is high in many departments such as comedy, character roles, villains etc. But it is the character artists who always take the film to a new range. Among them, some attain a lot of fame and some don’t.

One man who has been part of Tollywood since decades and has got an exceptional talent is Brahmaji. It is not just as a character actor but also as a comedian and sometimes villain, Brahmaji has made his mark in a unique way. Now, he is delivering a power punch.

It is known news that the new film Bangaru Babu is currently in its shooting and this has victory Venkatesh as the hero. In this, Brahmaji is going to be seen as a CI and his name is Bhadrachalam. The shooting happening in old city and it is heard that director Maruti has designed Brahmaji’s role in a very unique way. This is going to be remembered by audience for a long time.

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