Biggest Celebration In Mumbai

By - February 26, 2016 - 10:03 AM IST

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You must have come across those people from Mumbai who don’t leave a single opportunity to brag about their city. It is always believed that the city of Mumbai is quite different from the rest of India. To some extent it is true because the vibrant lifestyle and environment is quite different there.

Now, the city of Mumbai is going to witness a huge celebration and the reason for that is Bollywood. Apparently, the deadly Sanjay Dutt has finally been released from the jail and he has served his prison sentence completely. Many of his film friends are rejoicing over this.

One among them is mighty heart Salman Khan and it is heard that he has organized a mindblowing high-end party at his farmhouse in Panvel. Sources say this is going to be one of its kind and the who’s who of Bollywood are invited there. This is going to be the biggest celebration ever in recent times.

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