RGV's Compares Mudragada to Mega Powerstars

By - February 27, 2016 - 12:23 PM IST

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The maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is well known for his eccentric ideas and fearless attitude. His views and the exercise of freedom of speech earned him a unique set of followers. There are fans in Social Media who eagerly wait for him to write on recent happenings and RGV never fails to stun them!

RGV is currently making a biopic Vangaveeti on late Vangaveeti Ranga- the yesteryear politician & Kapu leader based in Vijayawada and has also been following the Kapu agitation closely. Now, the director went a step ahead by comparing Mudragada Padmanabham (the pioneer of the Kapu Garjana) to Mega family heroes and said that they can never be a match to this real hero!

“Mudragadda Padmanabham is the real mega power star and the so called screen mega power stars are just ordinary fake actors” tweeted RGV.

The director has recently been to Vijayawada and surprisingly he has been escorted from Gannavaram Airport to his Hotel by a never-seen-before convoy of about 400 cars & thousands of fans. There is tensed atmosphere between the current Vangaveeti batch & RGV and now his entry into Vijayawada & subsequent tweets on Mudragada are raising further tensions. We have to wait and see how Mega & Mudragada fans would react to this!

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