10 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know about 'The Oscars'

By - February 28, 2016 - 03:41 PM IST

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The Oscars are the most prestigious and fancied awards all over. Of course we have many unrecognized actors here in Indian Cinema especially Telugu cinema (pun intended) but the most awaited dream has been fulfilled by AR Rahman & Rasool Pookutty (through Slumdog Millionaire).

The world is awaiting the 88th Academy Awards this year to be taken place in the legendary Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, US. Eminent comedian, writer, producer shall host the Oscar Award Ceremony this time. But on a frank note, besides being world renowned awards, here are few interesting facts that you might not know about 'The Oscars' -

1. The name ‘Oscar’ was coined by Margaret Herrick, The Academy librarian as the Oscar statuette looked like her uncle Oscar Pierce.

2. A total of 2957 Oscars have been awarded since its inception.

3. The first Academy Awards ceremony on May 16, 1929 in Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was for 15 minutes with a ticket worth 5$. And the longest Oscar awards ceremony was held in 2000 that ran for 4 hours and 16 minutes.

4. The Oscar statuette is made of tin, copper & antimony with a covering of 24 carat gold. But during World War II, Oscar statuettes made of plaster were given away [“Mummy! I won Plaster Oscar”.

5. The Dolby Theatre where the Academy Award presentation ceremony takes place officially has 3332 seats. Since not everyone from Hollywood make it to the event, the organizers actually invite people (by paying about $125) to fill up the auditorium [So, looks like this is Universal].

6. It takes a lot for a film to be an Oscar nomination. It must be 40mins long on 35mm/70mm or 24/48 frame progressive scan Digital Cinema format at a minimum resolution of 2048 by 1080 pixels. The film must be screened (for paid admission) at Los Angeles for at least a week [So, some thugs here need to mind that every Tom, Dick & Harry & their respective films can’t win an Oscar sorry at least a nomination easily].

7. As a part of the rehearsals prior to the award ceremony, celebrities are given five sets of dummy envelops (with nominee’s names) and dummy Oscars to hand out to the winners for the sake of preparation. [So there are original Oscars & Fake Oscars too!]

8. Guess what, the Academy was actually robbed in the year 2000, when two men stole packing crates comprising of 55 Oscar statuettes. All except three trophies were recovered after the crates were found in the trash. [Devudaa!]

9. Jane Wyman won Best Actress award without uttering a word for playing the role of a deaf -mute person in the movie Johnny Belinda (1948). [So Shut the duck up & still you can win the Oscar]

10. Henry Fonda is the oldest known actor to have won the Best Actor Award at the age of 76yrs (for On Golden Pond in 1982). The oldest actress to win an Oscar is Jessica Tandy – at 81 she won the Best Actress Oscar (for Driving Miss Daisy in 1990). [God alone knows the fate of Leonardo Di Caprio this year)

Well wishing all the Oscar aspirants this year good luck. Keep watching the space for the Oscar 2016 awards winners list.

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