Boldest Lady In Tollywood

By - February 29, 2016 - 09:53 AM IST

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Unlike Bollywood where affairs and gossips are part and parcel of the industry and even the reactions of the celebrities are also proactive, the Tollywood circuit is not such. Many actors and actresses take any gossip personally and this causes a lot of heat at times.

But breaking the trend is one new girl. She is none other than the ravishingly lusty Rashmi Gautham. The hot TV Anchor will soon be seen in the film Guntur Talkies and it is heard that she is being linked to hero of the film Siddharth Jonnalagadda. The shock is, even Rashmi had no qualms in admitting that.

However, she also clarified that she dated him for the sake of the movie and get the right chemistry while doing intimate scenes. This kind of boldness from Rashmi came as a surprise to many. While Rashmi is doing her best to promote herself and the film, the main attraction for the masses is the cute seductress Shraddha Das and her bold role too.
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