'Kalyana Vaibhogame' Adds More Value To Niharika

By - March 02, 2016 - 10:41 AM IST

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The term compound effect can be used extensively in the film industry because the result of one film can influence the outcome of your other project. Hence, it is important to have a consistent graph to ensure you are always in demand and have that popularity quotient.

Now, the talk is making rounds that the upcoming release Kalyana Vaibhogame is quite crucial for the careers of hero Naga Shaurya and director Nandini Reddy. Fact is, it is also crucial for another actress. She is none other than the mega girl Konidela Niharika.

Apparently, Niharika is pairing up with Naga Shaurya in her debut flick Oka Manasu and hence it will become a big plus to Niharika’s movie if Kalyana Vaibhogame becomes a success. The film is hitting the screens on March 4th so here’s wishing all success to it.

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