Lady After Lady @ Box Office

By - March 02, 2016 - 11:30 AM IST

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The primary impression of everyone in terms of the entertainment industry is, it is male dominated. This is true because the box office stamina is measured by the star value of the heroes more than anyone else. The scope for heroines is more for other reasons.

But in the recent years, the woman power has grown strong and it is more in Bollywood. There are those starlets such as Kangana Ranaut, Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra and others who are creating their own mark. Even Tollywood has the likes of Anushka and Nayanthara.

Now, back to back lady oriented movies have been causing a buzz at Bollywood. First in the list is the recent release Neerja featuring fashionista Sonam Kapoor. The film got an overwhelming response and on March 4th Priyanka Chopra is arriving with Jai Gangaajal. Way to go ladies!

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