'Vangaveeti' Gets Overseas Offers

By - March 02, 2016 - 12:00 PM IST

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There are many instances wherein we discussed on how the business of cinema gets affected due to various factors. These days, getting proper revenue recovery in domestic market itself has become a big task so you can imagine how tough it is to get something from overseas.

Despite that, the overseas market is considered very crucial and our film folks always work on appeasing the overseas distributors. But this time, the overseas parties are taking the initiative towards one film as they want to have their hands on it.

We are talking about the film Vangaveeti. Interestingly, even the casting is not finalized and not even a single scene has been shot. Despite that, many are coming forward to buy overseas rights and inside news reveals a total of three parties are vying against each other. Let us see who becomes the chosen one.

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