Rashmi is bringing Openings for us: Praveen Sattaru Interview

By - March 02, 2016 - 01:35 PM IST

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In the new brand of directors who are enthralling Telugu audience with novel ideas and hatke films, Praveen Sattaru occupies a unique place. His Chandamama Kadhalu won many accolades and even a National Award. The smart auteur is now all set to entertain the audience with Guntur Talkies– a crazy crime comedy. The promos and songs have set the expectations right for the film and here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the filmmaker:

Hello Praveen..

After Chandamama Kadhalu, what’s the reason behind choosing a contrasting crime comedy like Guntur Talkies?
I wrote the script of Guntur Talkies after Chandamama Kadhalu. I always want to do that is challenging and exciting to me and somehow I don't like being typecasted as a director. So, I tried out GT. It's always fun to try new genres.

How different is GT from other crime comedies we’ve seen so far?
GT’s screenplay is quite unique and if the film would’ve released earlier, we might have seen couple of films following the same pattern. I am sure the film would be that impactful!

Any influences behind such a whacky attempt?
No exactly but I always wanted to do a crazy shitass film like Crank and glad I could make GT.

But your promotions seem to be centered on Rahsmi’s glamor. Was that a strategic move?
Well, we worked hard for two years and bringing the film into light but now Rashmi's glamor took away all the credit - Everything went down the cleavage actually (Laughs) Well nothing as such was planned. Rashmi's popularity made it look more obvious. However, I’m glad Rashmi is bringing us openings and the film would manage the rest!

Why only Rashmi? How did the casting happen?
Well Rashmi got that rawness I wanted for the ‘Suvarna’ character. I thought of roping her up for my Routine Love Story only but somehow it did not materialize. Now when I pitched in GT for her, she instantly came onboard.

There was a quirky disclaimer in the trailer. What was your intention?
(Smiles) It was just my moral stand on the film. Guntur Talkies is for Matured audience but NOT an adult movie. It has been certified ‘A’ by censor board. So better keep away children!

So are you expecting family audience to watch Guntur Talkies?
Honestly speaking, we need to come off from this stereotype idea that a film should be watched by every family member together because the sensibilities are different within a family. Guntur Talkies can be watched by family members but when they go individually (Laughs). It is a film you will enjoy watching with your buddies.

Any special reason for taking Naresh once again in your film?
We wanted two age groups for the lead characters and I couldn’t have a better man than Naresh for that character. He has a unique charm for his age group and he has done many versatile performances – be it Chitram Bhalare Vichitram, Bhagyalakshmi Bumper Draw, Mee Shreyobhilashi and what not! It was an obvious choice.

What did the National Award tell the filmmaker in you?
….that I’m a good filmmaker. It gave me an ISI mark and nothing more than that.

Has your equation changed with the Film industry?
Nothing has changed. I’m less attached to the film industry and prefer to be more attached to the reality. The more I stay in reality, the better I can be myself and my films connect to the audience. So, success or national award can change nothing.

You are less active on Social Media? What’s your take on it?
Yeah…I find it peaceful to be living in reality than in virtual reality. However, I do use Social Media during my film promotions. I think every detail of your personal life shouldn’t get onto walls (FB/Twitter) and nobody is interested also.

What about movie reviews and reviewers?
Well I feel 3-4yrs back reviews and reviewers were more genuine and constructive. When you don’t know how to make a film, you shouldn’t dissect it. I believe a reviewer should see if the film is working for him and write his experience watching the film. May be because of the growing competition or money, things have drastically changed.

About Siddhu’s contribution in the film…
He has matured a lot as an actor ever since LBW. He is a young chap but very multitalented and helped in the script writing as well.

How did a big bannner like Vaarahi come aboard?
The film was dormant for nearly six months. But things changed after Balakrishna garu graced the trailer launch. After the launch, Varaahi was also interested in the film and I’m glad they saw the potential in it.

What was Balayya’s response after watching the trailer?
We were scared initially but he is the most chilled out guy you would ever find. We had lot of apprehensions about how would he like the trailer but he thoroughly enjoyed the trailer. He was laughing for the “Naku Anushka kavaali…” & other dialogues as well. I’m happy he liked the trailer and supported us.

About your working experience with Shraddha Das?
I sent the script initially to her and she was shell shocked after reading it. She asked me “Is this what you gonna shoot?” and I replied “Yes”. I’m glad she trusted me and she took personal interest in promoting the film.

What is your favourite song in Guntur Talkies?
My personal favorite is Nee Kosame and then O Suvarna

Oh…Rashmi’s songs! What’s the best part about them?
(Laughs) We had five versions of Neekosam song and finally we zeroed upon one and Rashmi’s pool dive was the best part of it. She did it with such grace that it was okayed in a single take! I wanted “O Womaniya…” kind of song and that is how O Suvarna came out.

Upcoming projects?
I will be doing a love story… something like Geethanjali. Will announce shortly.

Okay.. thanks and wish you the best for Guntur Talkies!
Thank you!


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