Akhil Should Follow Rare Formula

By - March 02, 2016 - 01:00 PM IST

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The thing about budding star heroes and star kids is that they tend to get quite choosy on selecting their scripts. In this process, they end up wasting a lot of valuable time. It is heard that there was a time when Mahesh Babu took two years just for one film.

But now he has realized the situation and picked up his speed. Now, the focus is on the new star kid Akkineni Akhil. After scoring a disaster with his debut flick Akhil, the young scion is being very careful on his next project. However, some feel this is like over cautious.

They are saying Akhil should follow the rare formula. He must continue doing variety movies back to back and only then he will become registered among audience mind and will become a home name. Many stars don’t do it but if Akhil can do it, this would surely help.

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