Can Tollywood Accept This Kind Of Awards?

By - March 05, 2016 - 04:52 PM IST

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There are many instances wherein Bollywood is considered the hub for the rest of the film industries in India. Notable among them is the Tollywood circuit which tends to import the style statement, glamour quotient, story-lines and even the Bollywood members.

But now, some are asking whether Tollywood can accept one award events which happens in Bollywood. We are talking about the ‘Golden Kela Awards’ and these are given to the worst disasters at the box office and the pathetic performances of actors and actresses.

While this culture has been on since long in Mumbai, the big question is, can Tollywood ever come up with an event like that? Do our heroes have the boldness and humility to accept this type of award? Perhaps the most unanimous answer would be a big No.

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