Actress Cheats 11 Software Engineers?

By - March 07, 2016 - 11:39 AM IST

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As film industry is highly dominated by glamor and fame, it also has an own set of shortcomings as well. Given a chance, many want to win a heroine’s hand but sometimes things turn topsy-turvy too.
A similar situation has happened with an actress named Shruti hailing from Kovai, Pilamedaku who allegedly cheated not just one or two youngsters but eleven software engineers!
Going into the details, this actress snatched a huge amount of Rs. 1 crore from all these software engineers by talking to them online with a false promise of marriage. A 32yr old software engineer named Santhosh Kumar registered his profile for matrimony and happened to interact with Shruti. The actress spoke intimately with him and also promised to marry him. She even took Rs 80 lakhs from him and absconded later. Sruthi has conned yet another man named Arul Kumar (in Sivasakthi town) and similar incidents happened in cities like Chennai and Chidambaram as well.
Well now, software engineers Praveen & Prasad (who are also the victims of Shruti) have complained about her to the Kovai Police. As per the police records, she has conned 11 such software engineers!
However, it is indeed surprising to see the actress targeting software engineers alone! Anyhow in the wake of increased cybercrimes, we need to be extra vigilant in our online activities.

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