Lakshmi Rai's Cosmopolitan Look

By - March 08, 2016 - 09:15 PM IST

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Many years ago when the film Kanchanamala Cable TV hit the screens, many were zapped looking at the pretty face who made her debut as the heroine. She was none other than the luscious beauty Lakshmi Rai and right in her first, she gave a delightful visual feast of glamour.

Since then, Lakshmi has been part of many films and offered the glamour treat in her own way. But most of the times, her roles have been etched out with native sex appeal. But here is the pretty girl showing the cosmopolitan look in her.

As you can see, Lakshmi is draped in a ravishing red cocktail gown and it appears as if she is going to attend a ball. Her styling and the look is completely chic and that urban side in her is looking very tempting. Hope to see more of Lakshmi in such avatars onscreen.

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