Will PVP Step Into Bollywood?

By - March 10, 2016 - 03:12 PM IST

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To all those who are part of the south cinema industry it is a matter of great pride and achievement if they are able to make their presence felt in the big Bollywood. Though some directors, technicians and even actors have made it, the success ratio has been less.

But now, the talk is on about one producer of Tollywood heading to Bollywood. He is none other than Potluri Prasad, the boss of PVP Pictures. News is that his recent offering Kshanam is now entering Bollywood. The question is, if Kshanam goes to Hindi will he release or sell remake rights.

Many are saying it is better PVP does the remake because he will get national brand. For making it doesn’t cost much and even the remuneration of actors is also based on market value but promotion requires bare minimum 15 crores. In Bollywood, this element is too high so minimum 20 crores is required even for a small budget flick. PVP has got that power so he can elevate the pride of Telugu in national level.

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