Publicity Tensions Of Tollywood Folks

By - March 11, 2016 - 04:08 PM IST

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You might have the best movie in your hand with the most impressive content but if you are not having a proper strategy of publicity then you are gone. This is especially when you make a low budget or mid budget movie. Tollywood is now experiencing the challenges of it.

Currently, there are some real good movies running in theatres and despite the positive talk, the collection figures are in contrast. The film pundits say this is due to lack of proper publicity. They state that when a film has got hit talk the makers must push it further and ensure it gets that reach.

And to those films which have got average talk, some publicity can be done but the gains out of it are not guaranteed. As for films with flop talk, no matter how much publicity you do, it is no use. This is leading to a lot of tension among the cine folks so let us hope things change soon. For now, constant pumping is required in terms of publicity.

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