Mega Fans Vs Superstar Fans: What Happens?

By - March 12, 2016 - 04:42 PM IST

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Whenever a member from a star family is making his or her debut, a major share of influence comes from the fans. This is more when the person happens to be a female. So, an interesting discussion is happening about the reaction of mega fans and superstar fans.

Few years ago, when Manjula, daughter of superstar Krishna, made her debut as an actress, it is heard that some of the superstar fans said she must not do movies. For some reason, they felt it is not the right thing to do. Now, some of them expected the same reaction from the mega fans.

Apparently, Konidela Niharika is making her debut as a heroine but the reaction from mega fans is different. They have also become broadminded and they are new age cine buffs so they are not objecting. They are welcoming Niharika in a positive way with good encouragement. This is nothing but change of time phenomenon.

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