Baahubali Prabhas Becomes 'Bajirao Yogi'

By - March 12, 2016 - 10:45 AM IST

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In your career as an actor there would be those roles that come very rarely. When you do them, it gets attached to your name and your identity becomes strong. Though we all know Prabhas as the young rebel star here, he has got a different name among the north Indian audience.

Well, he is called as Baahubali Prabhas thanks to the magnum opus he did and created a storm in the north. Now, the same Prabhas has become Bajirao Yogi. Wondering how? Here are the details. In the year 2007, Prabhas did the film Yogi and he had the gracious beauty Nayantara as the heroine.

The film didn’t really work at the box office and though it came long ago, thanks to the Baahubali effect, few north Indian filmmakers are trying to cash in on the effect. Yogi is dubbed into Hindi and released as Bajirao Yogi in Youtube. The most searched keywords lately are Baahubali and Bajirao hence this innovative title.

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