Hero Stopped Drinking

By - March 12, 2016 - 10:57 AM IST

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The peril of being in the entertainment industry is that you would be engulfed by fame and success overnight. Along with that come many vices in the form of wine, wealth and women. Only those who have managed to withstand those temptations emerged as the most successful people.

History has shown how some deserving individuals of the film fraternity ruined their lives by getting addicted to drinking. Though some still continue, there needs to be a control on it. The talk now is about one superstar who has decided to stay away from drinking for a while.

He is none other than Bollywood mighty heart Salman Khan. It is heard that for the shooting of his new movie Sultan, Salman has been told strictly to detoxify himself because he is doing the role of a wrestler. Sources say it is close to an year since he stopped drinking. There was a time when he always had a glass of Bacardi in his hand, as per sources. Let us pray Salman never touches the glass again.

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