NRIs Are The Future Of Tollywood

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You would be feeling proud that the size and expanse of Tollywood has been on the rise since the last few years and we have a mark of our own. But truth is, beyond that color and buildup, there lies a harsh fact. The economic graph of Tollywood is not that great and is depleting rapidly.

This is because the seasoned producers are not willing to put their money on all the projects and all of them are running towards those actors and individuals who can bring guaranteed success at the box office. With this, the big question rises as to who is the future of Tollywood.

Well, all eyes are now pointing towards foreign soil and the filmnagar circles say only those NRIs showing a lot of interest towards cinema is the future of Telugu film industry. For some, it is passion and for some it is satisfaction but more the NRIs more the opportunities for Tollywood to grow and survive.

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