Dhanraj's Creativity With 'Bantipoola Janaki'

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Talent and creativity are two different aspects that you should posses if you want to become something in the entertainment industry. You might have the talent but having creativity is a gift and not many have it. And those who do rise to fame within a very short span.

One such person is comedian Dhanraj. He was part of Tollywood since long but his real mettle was seen through the TV comedy show Jabardasth. Today, Dhanraj has become the sought after comedian in silver screen and he has risen to the stature of producing films as well.

In that process, Dhanraj has produced the film Bantipoola Janaki and inside news reveals the promotions will be very creative and fun filled. Buzz is that Dhanraj is going to create a new impact with all celebrities also doing their bit to promote the film. Let us wait for it then.

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