Writer Confesses About His Director

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Just like husband and wife or whisky and soda, some combinations are inevitable and inseparable. The same goes with the film industry wherein a director always finds his reflection and thought through a writer. So, a writer knows the mindset of the director perfectly.

Now, the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma has always been an enigma of sorts for many who feel he keeps making wrong moves and movies frequently. In this process, some of them got in touch with Sirasri, the most favored lyricist of RGV and also a writer. He is very close to RGV.

They asked him “You are constantly by his side, why don’t you tell him what he is doing is not correct.” For this, Sirasri’s reply is “Because I don’t say I am still able to stand next to him.” It is heard that lately this is the answer Sirasri is giving to many repeatedly.

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