Role Model Act By Mohan Babu

By - March 17, 2016 - 11:32 AM IST

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There are many instances wherein we mentioned that film stars are not just considered as entertainers but also as role models to the society. This is more in India wherein the culture of demigod worship still exists. Hence, any word or gesture by a noted star makes the difference.

The talk now is about collection king Mohan Babu and his special initiative. The senior actor has got his birthday coming up on March 19th and it was more like a ritual for him to celebrate it among the students of his Vidya Niketan school. This used to happen right from 1993. During that time, Mohan Babu was flooded with bouquets and garlands.

But this year, the senior actor has decided to follow the ritual. He has reportedly mentioned that those hundreds of bouquets and garlands become useless right the next day and go to trash. Instead, he has urged everyone to donate that money for an organization known as ‘Miracle’ which is taking care of 3000 orphans. This is indeed a commendable request from Mohan Babu.

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