Top Directors Are Settled Forever

By - March 18, 2016 - 03:04 PM IST

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You would have heard many times on how the life of a director is filled with challenges and obstacles. But once you overcome that and reach the big league, then you can be rest assured that your life is settled forever. That too, we are talking about the Tollywood perspective.

In today’s time, the top five directors in Telugu cinema are taking 10 crores per movie as remuneration and nothing less. Few of them are also vying for stake in the profits. So, even if they do 10 movies throughout their career they are getting 100 crores.

That way, even if half of their earning is put as Fixed Deposit their life is settled and they don’t really have to worry about anything. As such, there is no age of retirement for the directors so they can have a long innings. All the more reason to become a director then.

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