Hollywoodian Baahubali In India

By - March 18, 2016 - 03:13 PM IST

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The film Baahubali needs no introduction but the storyline is about this young boy who is reared by the tribals and who eventually happens to be the son of a powerful king and warrior. Now, a Hollywood version of that is preparing to arrive in India.

But this character is much more famous and ancient than Baahubali. We are talking about Tarzan and the film in discussion is The Legend Of Tarzan. Most of the knowledge we gained about the king of the apes is through comics and books.

However, this time the chance has come to know more about Tarzan through cinema. Recently, the trailer of the film was unveiled and it has generated a smashing response. Many in India are calling it the Hollywoodian Baahubali. This is expected to be a summer treat so get ready.

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