GT Controversy: Makers Delete Scenes

By - March 19, 2016 - 12:51 PM IST

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Guntur Talkies was one of the bravest attempts in Telugu cinema in the recent past. This adult crime comedy however reached its niche audience turning out as a profitable venture.

The makers have carefully promoted the film as an adult comedy but in spite of it, the film was subjected to a controversy. Telangana State Association for the Physically Challenged lodged a complaint over the makers of Guntur Talkies alleging that the movie has scenes portraying disabled persons in a derogatory manner.

Finally Guntur Talkies producer & director responded on the issue and clarified that they had no intentions to hurt anyone and expressed their willingness to delete the respective scenes in the film if it hurts anyone's sentiments.

Hopefully this controversy ends here and GT will have a peaceful run ahead.

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