New Obligations To Soothe Stars

By - March 19, 2016 - 03:05 PM IST

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Perhaps the toughest challenge you would come across while handling a big star is the weight of his ego and the protocols that need to be adhered to. Sometimes, the industry stars expect certain things to happen but for some reason it doesn’t happen and they feel bad about it.

Now, a new obligation seems to have emerged in the Tollywood circuit. This is about making calls to those colleagues who have scored a hit. This is much more mandatory if the success scorer happens to be an A-league star hero. So, here is the obligation in detail.

Whenever a film becomes a hit, the expectation is that the rest of the star heroes should call that person and congratulate him on the success. They should top it up with some appreciation. This does sound a bit uncool but then this could also lead to a positive harmony in the industry.

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