RGV's Recent Comments on Baahubali & Sardaar Hindi Release

By - March 19, 2016 - 02:30 PM IST

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Ram Gopal Varma has a take on everything under the sun (mostly has a valid logic and reasoning behind his argument & analysis). The director who has recently justified why he loves Pawan Kalyan but hates Pawan fans, now gave a fresh analysis about Sardaar Gabbar Singh's Hindi release. He made this analysis in comparison with the blockbuster Baahubali that has created ripples in the Hindi  market as well. Here is what he has to say about Sardaar Hindi release -
"Without having the Visual Magnitude of "Bahubali" it will be a super duper blunder to release "Sardar Gabbar Singh" in Hindi

It will be bad for Pawan Kalyan if "Sardar Gabbar Singh" box office in Hindi will prove that Prabhas is bigger than P K on a National Level

If there is even just one smart and truthful person around Pawan Kalyan,I request him to advise P K not to this Himalayan Mistake

P k should come in Hindi only when the film also is as big as BahuBali ..Sardar Gabbar Singh minus PK will look very small in front of BB"

As a matter of fact, this is perhaps for the first time Pawan Kalyan is extensively exploring the Hindi market (due credits to Eros Now) and he hasn't promoted the film in Hindi (like Baahubali makers). Moreover, Sardaar Gabbar Singh already has an impression of 'Dabangg' which might help the film much. But keeping all this aside, this is a Powerstar Pawan Kalyan film and hope his magic works in Hindi too!

But otherwise, how many of you agree with RGV's point here?

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