Shocking: Big B Charges for Singing National Anthem?

By - March 20, 2016 - 01:00 PM IST

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We are in the state of ecstasy celebrating India’s winning streak over Pakistan in world cup matches with the latest win at the Eden Gardens stadium Kolkata yesterday setting a new straight 11-0 win record.

There are many highlights in the match and obviously Amitabh singing the National Anthem prior to the match was a key attraction. He enjoyed the match throughout and celebrated the win waving Indian flags like any other fan and shutterbugs simply loved this priceless moment. However a shocking report is doing rounds from a while that Amitabh received Rs 4 Cr for singing the National Anthem before the match.

However, this speculation is being lambasted by fans and friends of Big B and there is no official confirmation on this yet. Knowing his commitment levels towards several social awareness programs and his track record of even doing some of them without charging a penny, his fans are not able to believe in this speculation.

We wish an official clarification is given on this issue at the earliest as Big B’s image is at stake especially in the wake of growing debate over nationalism.

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