Pawan Kalyan Class to Ram Charan

By - March 20, 2016 - 12:53 PM IST

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Yes! What you read above is absolutely right and this news was revealed by Mega PowerStar Ram Charan himself.

Coming to the news, Ram Charan attended the Annual Day celebrations of a popular Engineering college in Hyderabad yesterday. Addressing the student gathering there, he shared some interesting personal stuff and experiences with the youngsters.

As a part of it, he revealed that his Babai Pawan Kalyan is his inspiration any time. He even disclosed that he got a special class from Pawan Kalyan during his early 20’s and that incident changed his life totally. Pawan actually described about his father Chiranjeevi’s hard work to reach this position and the platform he set for the family. Pawan advised him to work hard to keep up his reputation. Charan stated that those words really had a big impact on him clearing his confusion in life.

Ram Charan spent quality time with students and shared his opinion upon the significance of career, love & the art of balancing both citing his love life with Upasana as an example.

On a whole, everyone were surprised to see Charan’s other side and his emotional yet motivational speech.

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