New Trailer For 'Gabbar Singh' Before Release

By - March 25, 2016 - 10:24 PM IST

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It doesn’t matter what type of budget you invest for the making of a film, it all boils down to the pre release publicity you resort to because that sets the momentum among the audience to watch it. Hence, stuff like posters, teasers and trailers have to be etched out in the right manner.

The latest in that process is Sardaar Gabbar Singh and it is coming in with huge hype and heavy expectations. Recently the trailer was unveiled and reports from various corners reveal the response was not that satisfactory. The matching expectation part has become tough for the movie.

So now, reports reveal the creative team of Sardaar Gabbar Singh has decided to cut out an engaging trailer that would give a better value. The film is locked for release on April 8th and the songs are getting a sizeable response. Let us wait to see the second trailer and that should determine the overall response.

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