'Vangaveeti' Producer Takes It As Pure Prestige

By - March 25, 2016 - 10:15 PM IST

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When you look at producers in Tollywood, you can sense that the majority of them believe in cost cutting to the fullest and they are very tight in terms of shelling out money. But there are also those few men who believe in their guts and instincts. For them, prestige is what matters.

Same is the case with Dasari Kiran Kumar, the producer of the much talked about movie Vangaveeti. Sources close to him reveal Kiran Kumar is not compromising a bit and he has taken this project as a pure prestige thing. The shooting is slated to commence in Mumbai.

For this, he is getting sets of early 80s of Vijayawada being erected at Mumbai. It is also heard that Dasari Kiran has made it clear he wants the backdrop to be less of Computer Graphics and hence actual settings would be used to bring that realistic look. He is truly an inspiration for many passionate producers.

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