Trailer Release of The Anushree Experiments

By - March 29, 2016 - 10:55 AM IST

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The most intriguing movie of the season- The Anushree Experiments is going to hit the screens by this Friday (1st April).
The team of Anushree Experiments are planned for Trailer release event today (Tuesday) at Film Chamber and the prominent film celebrities- Krishna garu, Parchuri Gopala Krishna garu & Vijayendra Prasad garu are coming to this event as Chief Guests.
Well this movie was directed by Los Angeles based filmmaker Aparna Malladi and her previous short film- Nupur & feature film- Mitsein brought laurels to her.
This story revolves around a young woman who fails all her grades in college and is pressured to accept an arranged marriage.  iQlik Movies wishes good luck to the entire team of The Anushree Experiments.

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