Horror Comedies Time Is Over

By - March 30, 2016 - 04:07 PM IST

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Though Tollywood is huge and is ever expansive with passing time there is a common criticism which it constantly faces. This has to do with the sheep herd mentality of many filmmakers. Apparently, whenever a film of a particular genre becomes a hit, immediately a truck load of such movies are announced.

Fortunately, this mania is more in the middle and low budget flicks. But since they form the major part of industry revenue, the intellectuals are hoping this changes. Currently, the in-thing has become horror comedies. This began with Prema Katha Chitram and since then a flood of movies has come.

Everyone is coming up with nonstop horror comedies and truth is, it has reached a saturation point. Soon, films like Nayaki featuring the big names like Trisha will also come. The film pundits are saying that from mid 2016 onwards if things don’t change then every horror comedy will start flunking. Make a note folks!

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