Varun Sandesh Father's Social Entertainment

By - March 31, 2016 - 03:16 PM IST

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You might know a lot about a hero or heroine but not much is known about those who are around that individual. Of course, it all depends on the will and interest of those film celebs to talk about their support system in public forums. But there is one man who has been causing quite a stir with his online presence.

His name is Vijayasaradhi Jeedigunta and none of you will connect with him unless we say he happens to be the father of hero Varun Sandesh. Apparently, he is quite an entertainer. His Facebook is filled with dubsmash and parodies and he keeps entertaining with his posts and updates.

Many don’t know him but they keep following him. Eventually they got to know who he is and he is living up to their expectations through his activities. For the record, Vijayasaradhi is a poet, singer and also has some acting material in him though he has not attempted to face the camera much.

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