Interesting Thing About This Oriya Film

By - March 31, 2016 - 02:07 PM IST

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Though Orissa is just our neighbouring state we don’t pay much attention to its film industry known as Ollywood. But even there, there are some brilliant masterpieces that are made. One such movie which has caught the nation’s attention is Pahadora Luha helmed by Sabyasachi Mohapatra.

The film won the National Award in regional category and there is a very good reason why it deserves this honour. The film was in the making for a marathon twenty five years and that’s not all. The director has shown how industrialization is creating havoc in the lives of the people in Orissa.

Orissa is a state with rich greenery, mountains and inhabited by Adivasis but unfortunately, the urbanization is eating away their whole existence and identity. Sabyasachi waited patiently for 25 years just to show the transition from then to today. This is indeed a hats off initiative by this great filmmaker.

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