Will Nag buy Suma's Painting?

By - April 09, 2016 - 02:16 PM IST

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Remember the hilarious episode of a funny painting which Karthi (as Seenu) does in Nagarjuna’s recent release Oopiri? This episode was so funny and a major fun factor in the film that it is inspiring many including popular anchor Suma.

She drew inspiration from the scene and did a so called modern art painting. Suma posted a picture of her with this painting and interestingly requested King Nagarjuna to buy it wittily stating that she needs money for water tankers! (as Hyderabad is facing water scarcity this summer)

Linking up a social issue with a successful film (Oopiri in this case) in her signature style - Kudos to Suma! We will have to wait and see how Nagarjuna will respond to this request by Suma.

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