"I tried to dub for Sardaar but..." Kajal Agarwal Interview

By - April 09, 2016 - 02:40 PM IST

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Kajal Agarwal is one the most graceful and beautiful actresses with an aura of her own in Tollywood. She was first noticed in Krishna Vamsi’s Chandamama and rose to new heights with Magadheera directed by S.S.Rajamouli. The actress paired with almost every popular Tollywood hero till date and now bagged the golden chance to act with Pawan Kalyan in Sardaar Gabbar Singh that released the other day. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the actress:

Hello Kajal..congratulations on the success of SGS!
Hi.. thanks a lot!

How is the response to SGS? How do you feel being a part of such big project?
I saw the movie yesterday in the presence of fans. I was obviously very excited and loved the film.

Have you watched Gabbar Singh earlier?
Of course! I admire Pawan Kalyan for his energy levels and multi faceted skills. I have been watching all his films.

It took nearly 9 years for you to pair with Powerstar!
Well, though I always wanted to act with Powerstar, I never waited for anything! It is just that I focus on my work in hand and I did get some offers earlier to pair with him but it somehow didn’t work out. I am glad that though it is late, I got a good project like SGS!

What are the best qualities of Pawan?
He is a cool and calm personality. It is incredible that he wrote the story and screenplay for the film as well and took care for every segment of the film. Apart from his star value, he also took care of every single character of the film. It is not an easy task for one person to do so much!

How do you usually get feedback for your performances?
My family gives me the best feedback. We watch films regularly and they frankly tell what is good and what went wrong in my work!

Do you happen to read web reviews of your films?
I don’t read web reviews because movies is one topic that comes up with fans or while speaking to family. So, I rather keep away from reviews!

With Magadheera and now SGS, you have become a perfect icon as a princess!
I am lucky to get such image. However, SGS is quite different from Magadheera because it deals about a woman who belongs to a former princely state while Magadheera is based on history.
Did you take any special care for costumes in SGS?
Yes. I worked rigorously with the costume designer and discussed every look with my director. I am supposed to look royal and princess like in every frame and it happened flawlessly in this film. I prefer not to look the same in each film and try to get more into the character.

Why don’t you dub for your roles in films now that you are in the industry for a long while?
I actually tried to dub myself for SGS and did as well for some scenes. But because of the hectic Swiss schedule, I couldn’t manage. However, I dubbed for the Hindi version of the film. I will definitely dub myself for upcoming films but I would need time.

How is the working experience with Brahmotsavam?
I play the role of an NRI girl in this film. I am amazed to work with Mahesh Babu once again after Businessman. I loved the atmosphere on Brahmotsavam’s sets as it was more like a family. I can confidently say it is a career best role for me.

You complete glorious 9 years in film industry with this year. How does that feel?
Well, these 9 years went too fast that I don’t even remember it was that long! It is indeed a privilege to work in this industry.

Do you have any favourite role in your work till now?
I like all the roles I adorned till now. I strongly feel that an actress should first love the character she plays and I have been doing the same.

Isn’t it challenging to do multiple films at the same time?
No. I usually forget about a project once I leave the respective set but when I am in the location, my entire focus is on the script I have in hand. Being single pointed is the key.

Upcoming movies?
Apart from Brahmotsavam,I did a Bollywood movie which will be releasing on June 10th. I accepted a Tamil film as well.

Okay..thank you and wish you the best for future projects!
Thank you!

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