Pawan's answer about 3 marriages

By - April 11, 2016 - 01:53 PM IST

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Pawan Kalyan had spent quality amount of time with press personnel on yesterday regarding his latest flick Sardaar Gabbar Singh.
Interestingly he faced some questions on his personal life & especially his three marriages. He revealed a shocking thought process of Pawan at his early 20’s that not to marry any one and going away to Himalayas to become a saadhu. However at present he married to three women which is contrary to what his ideology was at 20’s. He even told that his mother also knew about his Himalayan dream.  

Well Pawan opined that being a public figure everyone has a right to judge him and however he didn’t like to discuss his personal matters on public platforms. Recently in Srija’s marriage, Pawan’s current wife images became viral on the internet and we all know how Pawan faced huge criticism in politics due to his multiple marriages and he even lashed out that criticism in his style.

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