Dhoni meets Salman Khan. Why?

By - April 12, 2016 - 06:00 PM IST

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“Why Katappa Killed Baahubali?” is one of the most popular questions last year but now it is “Why Dhoni met Salman?”
Well both are popular celebrities from the domains of cricket and cinema respectively and chances are bright that they meet once in a while (or even often if they are close). But Dhoni along with wife Sakshi paid a visit to Salman’s galaxy apartment (Mumbai) that too in the late hours of Monday which is currently under discussion. Salman has cordially received the couple and they spent some quality time later.
The fan world is apparently curious over this sudden late night meeting between Mr. Cool Captain & family and Sallu Bhai. While the industry onlookers predict that it was just any other meet but due to security concerns and busy schedules all the day, they might have met in the night. But above all “Why did Dhoni meet Salman?” – hope the suspense unfurls soon!

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