Pawan Kalyan Deserves Commendation For This

By - April 13, 2016 - 09:36 AM IST

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Whenever the discussion about power star Pawan Kalyan comes, it has to do with his star power and the aura he carries onscreen. But there is something more to him than just the onscreen appeal. Pawan’s ideology towards life and society has brought him closer to the youth and masses alike.

Not only that, Pawan has always done something which deserves a strong commendation. Apparently, Pawan always gave preference to the Telangana culture and tradition so he made it a point to have one aspect of that in almost every movie of his that has released in the last decade.

He reportedly maintained that the representation for Telangana was less in Telugu movies so he made a conscious effort to bridge that gap between both sides. There is nothing to debate on this matter and yes, Pawan Kalyan is definitely leagues above in terms of his personality or character.

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