'Fun to Work with Allu Arjun'- Thaman Interview

By - April 16, 2016 - 12:42 PM IST

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SS Thaman has the credit of becoming one of the most dynamic music directors of Tollywood in current era. His songs speak of high  energy, fun and peppiness throughout. The composer recently completed scoring 50 films and now zooming away with more confidence. He has teamed up with Allu Arjun once again with Sarrainodu which is all set to release this month. Here is an iQlik exclusive interview with the composer:
Hello Thaman..

How is the response coming up for Sarrainodu?
The songs are getting overwhelming response. Blockbuster has become a good hit even before the audio release. I took special care in different sounding this time. Telusa Telusa has become one of the most feel good melodies this season. I give the entire credit to the singers for it!

Please tell us your experience working with Stylish Star Allu Arjun?
Working with Allu Arjun is always high energy and fun. He is one personality who increases the energy levels of others with his presence. I was only concerned working with Boyapati Srinu because he is known for mass masala songs but it was great working with him too. Three songs were approved in just ten days and the sittings happened in various coffee shops and restaurants in Chennai.

You are known for making the heroes sing in albums. Why didn’t you make Allu Arjun sing?
I tried to make Bunny sing for Party song but he felt that the singer himself did a great job. Will definitely try to make him sing in my next film.

In Sarrainodu audio release, you said that music composing for commercial films is quite challenging. Why?
The biggest challenge with commercial film music is we don’t get a definite situation for a song. No matter how many films come in the formulaic manner, the tunes should sound novel every time. That is the reason why I said so.

What is your take on item songs trend in Telugu films?
The fact is composing item songs are very difficult.  I consider item songs to be essential for commercial films because they create a good diversion for daily problems in real life. Moreover, not all item songs click instantly. I don’t feel it is wrong to have one item song out of an album of five songs.

How about making non-Telugu singers sing in Telugu songs?Your comment?
We hardly have pure Telugu songs these days and the language is mixed with Hindi and English. I don’t see it wrong to have a Non-Telugu speaker sing such songs. However, it is a collective decision which we take regarding the singer selections.

There are many music directors singing these days. Didn’t you feel like trying for it full time?
I did sing many times earlier and never had a restriction about singing songs.However, composing is my passion and I don’t want to force myself in full time singing.

How is the rapport with you and other contemporary music directors?
Well, we share a good rapport and stay in constant touch. However, if one director gives a peppy item number, it creates a big competition for the rest of us. After DSP made Super Machi with Allu Arjun, similar expectations would fall on me for Sarrainodu. Even my album Race Gurram was a stupendous hit thanks to the item song Cinema Chupistha Maama. Item songs give competition for each music director!

Do you share the tunes with other music directors during the composing sessions?
No. We all have our own limitations and fears . Therefore, the song will be heard only after the release!

What was the biggest challenge you faced these days in work?
My studio in Chennai was drowned during the devastating rains and caused me a loss of nearly 1.5 crores. I had to rebuild the studio in two months time and there was no insurance either. I personally don’t prefer working in other studios and it shouldn’t be observed by others!

What do you do in free time?
I am a huge Cricket fan and obsessed with it. If a cricket match begins I would even leave my work and go! We have a cricket team named Mass in Chennai comprising of singers and music directors.  We play matches every week and I am proud to say I am an all rounder!

You have the notorious name of copying tunes and even called as Same to Same Thaman. Your comment?
I happen to work for few movies at the same time and they get released almost simultaneously. As a result, the songs might look similar in hearing. It is just the nature of my work.

What is the one misconception about film music which you would want to clarify?
Out of 24 crafts in movies, music takes up the maximum budget. It might look shocking to all but music director needs to pay for singers, musicians and recording studio as well.

Upcoming movies?
I am working with Gopichand Malineni’s next project starring Sai Dharam Tej.

Okay..thanks and wish you the best for Sarrainodu!
Thank you!

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