Agenda Behind Fingering Rajinikanth?

By - April 19, 2016 - 04:31 PM IST

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The latest and hottest commotion that has engulfed the social media right now is the bombarding that the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma is receiving from all corners. This attack is led by the fans of Style Samrat Rajnikanth. Before their blasting, they have only one question - Why RGV fingered their Thalaivar.

Well, RGV is no fool and he has a very good strategy behind all these radical acts. Apparently, he is doing the multilingual movie Rai which would be released in Tamil as well. In order to create a identity in Tamil Nadu, he chose this path. On the other hand, the Tamil version of Killing Veerappan didn’t release there.

So, in order for the masses to connect there with him, RGV has reportedly fingered Rajini. He is anticipating that they would demand RGV should apologize or else they will not allow the release of Rai in Tamil Nadu. This would mean more attention to the film so he is enjoying all that publicity without any expenditure.

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