Will It Break 'Avatar' Records In India?

By - April 20, 2016 - 10:15 AM IST

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What matters to you is the content and entertainment quotient. If that is good, the language doesn’t matter. This is the reason why films from different languages and even from Hollywood tend to rake in some really good moolah at the box office. The focus now is on the Hollywood flicks which are focusing a lot towards Indian market.

The recent release Jungle Book is creating a storm at the Indian box office and it has given a solid beating to all the local favorite releases across different languages. Now, the film analysts are discussing on whether this film has the strength to beat the record set by another Hollywood movie Avatar.

Incidentally, Avatar made a whopping $24.2 million USD in just India alone and right now Jungle Book stands at Rs 101.82 crore nett in India. Looking at the theatre occupancy and the demand to increase the number of shows, this film looks poised to get past Avatar very soon.