OMG! Mental Torture Case on Multiplex & Superstar

By - April 22, 2016 - 11:05 AM IST

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Indian Cinema has been in the most challenging stage now because of the rapt media as well as audience’s attention right from the time it is announced. With the advancement of Social Media, almost any opinion can hamper the film’s result and we have been witnessing such incidents in Tollywood as well.

But here, SRK’s latest offering Fan has been facing such trouble even after earning the success label! A woman named Sangeetha filed a case on PVR Cinemas, Yash Raj Films and SRK as well for not including the promotional song Jabra in the feature film. She has filed a mental torture case on the film’s team saying that her family spent Rs 650 each for the ticket and without the song, it looked quite meaningless.

In the mean time, SRK’s Fan is getting stronger at the Box Office by minting Rs 52 crores in the opening weekend and remains to be the biggest weekend grosser of this year.

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