Tollywood Heroes On Looks 21 Treatment

By - April 23, 2016 - 03:09 PM IST

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As a hero, your biggest challenge would be to look young and youthful though years pass by and show the same energy levels. As impossible as it may sound, you don’t have much choice. Realizing this, the heroes are on their toes trying to do their best to ensure they don’t get those signs of ageing.

These days, the biggest problem for men is losing of hair and becoming bald. The receding hairlines have become a nightmare. As for the Tollywood heroes, they are taking the ‘Looks 21’ path. Well, it is not a treatment per se but it is a baldhead concealer.

Wherever there is less hair it covers that region and many heroes including top stars use this. Of course, for those who are completely bald it won’t work. It is like a powder and spray is used to settle it. Many noted hairstylists use this and even common people are also using it. One unit is nearly Rs 1500 and it comes for 30 times.

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